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ACON - The 'A' network of the Consolidated Tape. This network reports trading of securities listed on the New York Stock Exchange and identifies any other originating market.

AMBD - American Stock Exchange Bonds

AMERICAN BANKERS ASSOCIATION (ABA) - The national trade association of U.S. commercial banks. (

AMERICAN DEPOSITARY RECEIPT (ADR) - Certificates representing shares, held by a U.S. bank, or a foreign corporation listed on an overseas exchange. Bought and sold in dollars, they entitle the investor to dividends. Fluctuations in foreign currencies affect their value.

AMERICAN STOCK EXCHANGE (AMEX)- the primary exchange in U.S. for stocks, bonds, securities and options. (

AMOE - American Stock Exchange Options

ANNUAL REPORT - A company's report to its stockholders on its performance for the past fiscal year. Usually includes text, photos and all of the required financial numbers.

ANNUITY - An insurance company contract in which a client invests a lump sum and receives regular benefit payments over a period of years, usually after retirement. Annuities can have fixed or variable interest rates.

ASK (OFFER) - Generally, the lowest price at which a dealer will sell a given unit of stock. The difference between the BID price and the ASK price is called the SPREAD.

ASK (OFFER) OR BUY PRICE - The lowest price at which sellers of Nasdaq stock (including mutual funds) may sell shares. Also called the offer price. The difference between the bid price and the ask price is called the spread.

ASSET - Current cash and other items that can easily be converted into cash, usually within one year. A fixed asset is land, equipment, and long-term investments that cannot be readily converted into cash without disturbing the operation of the business.