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REGIONAL STOCK EXCHANGES - These include Boston (, Cincinnati (, Intermountain (Salt Lake City), Midwest (Chicago), Pacific (Los Angeles and San Francisco) (, Philadelphia (includes Miami) ( and Spokane. Trading on these markets is reported on the ITS (Intermarket Trading System).

REVENUE - The total amount of money a company takes in from the sale of goods and services, as well as interest on the company's investments.

REVENUE BOND - A bond backed only by the revenue of the airport, turnpike or other facility that was built with the money it raised.

RIGHT - An offering to shareholders to buy new issues in a corporation before the issues are offered to the public.

ROLLING VOLUME AVERAGE - The average volume for a stock for a given period of time.

RUSSELL 2000 - A popular measure of how small-company stocks are doing, this index tracks 2,000 companies whose average market capitalization is $255 million.