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AP Money & Markets- Thinking Outside The Stox

The Associated Press is "thinking outside the stox" to provide newspapers innovative ways to give readers analytic, explanatory and forward-looking financial data. AP Money & Markets provides content that reflects the changing world of financial data - essential information for readers and investors.

Key Highlights

Comprehensive financial markets data is combined with modular infographics to create exciting and compelling newspaper presentations.

Today Module: An analytical look at the markets that prepares readers for the day. This module includes:

Quick analysis of the market's expected direction
Previews of economic reports expected to affect trading
Previews of earnings reports and other company news that could move a stock, an industry or the market

Centerpiece Module: A "story graphic" that is pegged to significant news. This module includes:

Price performance, financial statements and key ratios
Customized lists of stocks, mutual funds and industries of local interest
Morningstar Market Barometer

$1,000 Derby: This weekly module answers the question, "If I invested $1,000 on January 1 in a range of investments, how is each investment faring?" This module includes:

A visual presentation of the percentage gain or loss on a range of investments since the start of the year
Mix of investments changes weekly to highlight emerging trends
Money & Markets

Design features

Our team will create a turnkey presentation with customized content that matches the look and feel you specify. Additionally, modules can be used in an a la carte fashion to further enhance your newspaper offerings.

Revenue opportunity

Visually fresh and interesting Money & Markets modules bring new interest to your business pages.

Modules create advertising and sponsorship opportunities
You keep the ad spaces and revenues

Financial data reader demographics

Consumers of financial data are coveted and valuable to advertisers, stock and mutual fund owners are in a demographic sweet spot.

More than half of U.S. adults own stocks
Fund owner's median household income is $69K; U.S. median is $44K
36 percent of readers look at stock tables
Readership Institute ranked business/finance as a key topic to grow readership
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